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Prices listed do not include shipping charges.  Discounts for multiple products purchased will be considered.

For sale:  Used lift switch harness.  40.00

For sale: Used relay module harness $149.63

For sale: 15' hydraulic motor harness  $119.70

For sale: row flow module.  $748.13

For sale: Cab control module 2 for gen 2 display  $350.00

For sale: 40' solenoid extension with eyelets $52.57

For sale: Rowflow module $1,000.00

For sale: 20/20 Gen 2 display.  $2800.00

For sale: SRM based tractor harness  $62.50

For sale: Gen 2 20/20 SRM/RF can harness  $125.00

For sale: Repeater module for Gen 2 smart connector $75.00

For sale: 25' tractor power extension  $195.00

For sale: Gen 2 SmartConnector  $350.00

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